Egan Lucocq


Client Representation

We act as Client representatives on special projects to enable our Clients to be both fully involved and informed in a time efficient manner. This strengthens the client side ‘in-house’ expertise to protect the client and achieve best project results.

  • Assisting in development of the Client’s brief to the team.
  • Develop and agree high-level project strategies with the Client.
  • Carefully listening to our Client’s priorities and concerns.
  • Advising on procurement of professional & contracting services with in-depth analysis of submitted proposals.
  • Observing and analysing the appointed team’s performance.
  • Attending critical team meetings in addition to reviewing client project and cost reports.
  • Contributing additional expertise to ensure the most successful project outcome.
  • Providing an objective and independent view on key issues between the Client and appointed team.

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