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Property Management

Our premium Property Management services offer our clients a unique service that is tailored to meet their needs and provide them with comfort and peace of mind. Caring for a small portfolio of properties ensures that we maintain our responsiveness and personal approach.

  • Create and maintain a bespoke maintenance structure to provide a high level of service.
  • Produce and update a ‘Client User Guide’ as and when needed.
  • Review, collate and recommend payments for consultants and contractors when appropriate.
  • Provide monthly reports detailing progress, events, finances, current issues and risks.
  • Carry out periodic inspection of the property to identify issues.
  • Manage the contractors through the entire process while acting as your independent monitor and advisor.
  • Arranging, chairing and recording meetings as required.
  • Chasing all parties to complete actions.
  • Seeking the client’s input and instruction when needed.
  • Consolidating information and decision making to the client’s convenience.
  • Coordinate and present cost & programme updates.
  • Learn the basic operation of all building services to ensure the optimal assistance and response to day-to-day issues.

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