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Project Audit

Egan Lucocq are frequently approached by Clients and Client’s Advisors to undertake project audits when concerns arise. Our experience enables us to offer targeted and efficient analysis to achieve specified goals. We act in an independent and professional manner which brings clarity to situations allowing us to bring parties together in the interest of the project.

  • Undertaking assessments of a project in progress when the client may have concerns or have lost confidence.
  • Review of all team members, actions taken, planned actions and project targets.
  • Advise on any further surveys or investigations that may be required.
  • Bookkeeping services to review, record and collate project costs where significant quantities of data have been provided by a third party so that it can be checked and analysed.
  • Advising on steps which need to be taken and anticipated outcomes.
  • Implementation of recommendations to achieve the best project outcome for the client.
  • Provide ongoing support services if required.

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