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Quantity Surveying

Our Quantity Surveying service brings a fresh and dynamic approach to cost control. We understand how financial documents should be produced and presented so that clients can easily comprehend the financial information reported. We take time to consider all costs that are associated to the project, thus limiting the exclusions and surprises for our clients. Our services can be used at any stage of the project.

  • Review, collate and recommend payments for consultants and contractors when appropriate.
  • Provide monthly cost reports.
  • Provide a measured elemental cost plan with a list of value engineering (cost saving) opportunities.
  • Communicate with the client and/or client representative at all times.
  • Provide cost advice and cost control during the design stage.
  • Advise on procurement routes, type of contract and contractor appointment.
  • Preparation of tender documentation including collating sections by other consultants.
  • Administering the tender process, including clarifications, analysis, reporting and negotiations.
  • Play an active role to make a positive difference to the project.
  • Attendance at design team meetings.
  • Preparation of monthly interim valuations throughout the contract
  • Evaluation and agreement of variations with the contractor.
  • Preparation of monthly cost reports throughout the contract.
  • Preparation and agreement of construction final accounts.

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